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Safeway Turkey & Santa Bucks 2016!

SH Safeway invites the community to particpate in the "Turkey Bucks" campaign in November and "Santa Bucks" Campaign in December. Customers can select a voucher enccoded with a specific dollar amount at any checkout counter. Turkey and Santa Bucks will be totaled at the end of November and December and designated to provide holiday meals to local families in need. These meals are then distributed by SHEM a few days before the holiday.

Thank you, Safeway (and Associates) and the Sweet Home Community for your continued partnership and support! Together, we CAN and DO make a difference right here, in Sweet Home.

Special thanks to: Brian, event manager, Wes and Shannon Strubahr and Jobe Woosley, and the SHEM Volunteers.

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       Safeway Turkey Bucks Distribution

A total of 174 Safeway turkey meals were purchased by the community to deliver a tasty holiday meal to 456 Sweet Home folks. After the distribution, the remaining meals were shared with low income food pantry clients in Sweet Home.


Salvation Army Bell Ringing 2016!

SHEM once again partnered with the Salvation Army to host the 2016 bell ringing event. If you are interested in "ringing those bells" and having a wonderful holiday experience, please contact the SHEM office at 541-367-6504 to schedule your opportunity to be part of this fundraising project! All of the funds raised through the bell-ringing project are used to purchase backpacks for children in our community.


Foster School Brings it On !

A delightfully surprising event for SHEM this year was the Foster Elementary School food drive! On Saturday, November 19, Foster School teacher Rachel, and daughters Riley and Peyton delivered 1146 pounds of food items, which went directly onto the shelves for distribution. The gift was very timely and helped provide a little extra depth to the emergency food boxes that are provided to local families. A big, big thank you, Foster Foxes! Way to go!

Community Christmas Box Program

A community wide supported Christmas Meal Box Program is sponsored by local churches and civic organizations. Each year, there are typically between 250 and 300 meal boxes distributed. Applications are available at these locations: SHEM (1115 Long Street). Applications may also be acquired at the Sweet Home Assembly of God and the Sweet Home 7th Day Adventist Church. All applications must be received at SHEM on or before December 6.



This "Civil War" service project has become a popular community event that blesses SHEM with an abundance! We are so grateful for their awesome partnership! Thanks to all students, parents, staff and everyone who helped this project to be so successful.

Beaver and Duck fans at Sweet Home's very own Hawthorne Elementary School really stepped up to the plate in the annual Civil War Challenge. On November 22 a total of 900 pounds of canned food items and a generous financial donation were delivered to SHEM! It appears, that once again, the Beaver camp has over-run the Duck camp and the title is still secure!

A HUGE thanks to all who participated and the focused awareness on hunger issues in our community. Events such as this truly make an immediate impact to reduce hunger for struggling families. We thank the entire Sweet Home Community for this continued partnership and support. Together we CAN and DO help change lives.

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Back to School Celebration 2016!

SHEM once again partnered with Harvest Christian Center and other organizations this year to supply around 500 Sweet Home children with school supplies and backpacks. SHEM and the Sweet Home Community support this event through fund-raisers, such as the Salvation Army Bell-Ringing project. 100% of the funds raised through the bell-ringing project were used to purchase backpacks for children in our community.



SHEM is now partnering with the Pongo Fund of Portland, an organization that provides high quality pet food for low income households, ensuring that the pets, too, have enough to eat. Thank you, Pongo Fund for your generous ongoing support, so no pet goes hungry!